The EM-Tech 100 Series

is almost here


16 Fuel Injection Outputs
8   Ignition Outputs
8   PWM Outputs
13 Voltage Inputs
4 Cam Position Inputs

1 Crank Position Input


2 drive by wire Throttle Controllers
2 Knock sensor inputs with Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis

2 built-in Latest LSU 4.9 O2 sensor controllers

Ethernet laptop communications up to 10MB per second
Easily drive low impedance injectors
CAN communications for EMS Race Dash and other CAN devices
Unbeatable timing and injection accuracy
Variable Quad Cam Control
Tune Analyzer to tune much faster
True automatic staged fueling up 8 cylinders sequentially
Flex Fuel Ready
Boost Control
Closed Loop Idle Control
Closed Loop 02 Control
Dual Mode Full 3D Anti-Lag control for Drag and Rally
Launch Control
Gigbytes of Data logging to SD Card - Limited to Card Size
EMS Advanced Engine Protection

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